Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fingerless Gloves are Under-Rated

I may have mentioned previously that I find the Under-Rated and Over-Rated mentions in the Sunday Age 'M' Magazine interesting, very witty and in some cases highly relevant to our business - as was one featured a couple of weeks ago.
Under-rated were Fingerless Gloves - we have been saying this for quite some time so it was fabulous to read the following extracts from the article of a like minded soul:
"There's something about nude fingertips protruding from the top of woolly gloves.  Fingerless Gloves are supremely practical when fumbling in freezing weather for a tram ticket or some change for a coffee.......You can text and tweet to your heart's content.  Gr8!"
Whilst your fingers may be exposed, your hands and wrist are constantly warm and as was alluded to in the 'M' Magazine article you can still function.
If you want to be warm and practical come in and invest in a pair of woolly fingerless gloves before they all disappear

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Schadenfreude Jewellery

Schadenfreude actually means "pleasure derived from the misfortune of others" - the only misfortune here will be if you miss out on one of these ridiculously gorgeous rings. 
Created by two very talented girls from Sydney, these large and dazzling cocktail rings are not for the faint hearted. 
Made from Sterling Silver and brilliantly cut Cubic Zirconia, they are certainly a statement piece but in a simple and oh so glamorous way.
In oval, baguette or square and a range of heavenly jewel colours, there is a ring for every person and every occasion.
The other thing we love about these girls is their like-mindedness (if that's even a word) - they have a coat of arms just like the House of Balaklava - how very sophisticated !!!!!